When Being A Headshot Photographer Means Channeling Your Inner Batman

As a commercial photographer, It isn’t often I’m summoned to a job at a moments notice. There’s no “emergency” job that requires me to drop everything and run to the scene, no bat signal, to borrow from the superhero world. At least, I didn’t used to think so. But recently I was in my studio checking email, having just started my day, when I received a call. The person on the other end said his name was Joe, and that he worked with a pharmaceutical startup located not more than 10 minutes from my studio. As it happened, his company had scheduled a headshot photoshoot for various VIP investors who had flown in for the day, but the photographer they booked had to cancel last minute due to a family emergency. Could I please take on the job?, he asked, knowing that I’d have to have to be on site shooting no later than 2.5 hours from then.

The first thing I thought was, it’s a good thing they’re so close. Even so, I’d have to get dressed (look professional), gather up all the necessary gear: camera, lenses, laptop, strobes, stands, backdrops, batteries, etc, and load up my SUV. I’d then have to write them up a quote for sign off, reschedule my meetings for the day, and text my son to tell him to take the bus home from school (I normally pick him up). I was about out of gas too, so I’d have to gas up and grab a breakfast sandwich on my drive to the location. Then I’d have to unload, setup all the gear, and be ready to shoot by noon. Could it be done, I wondered? I decided to go for it. So, like Batman, I proceeded to slide down the proverbial bat pole, jumped into my “Batmobile”, and set off to save the day.

By the time I arrived at the location, unloaded my gear, signed in at reception (complete with temperature screening), and setup, it was almost 12:00, just in time for my first headshot of the day. And then one-by-one, I proceeded to photograph each of the investors, CEOs, and other assorted VIPs. They all left happy. Later, we gathered the group outside the building for some group shots. And then it was over. The client was pleased, to say the least. Days later, after he had the chance to review the photos, Joe emailed me back: “excellent, excellent work! We are all so very pleased, and look forward to future opportunities to work with you again”. All in a day’s work for your friendly neighborhood photographer. 

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