Chopped Champion, Sarah Wade, discusses her lifestyle shoot in Acton, MA

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One year ago, if you were to Google my client’s name, Sarah Wade, you would get some interesting, albeit limited and local results. But ever since competing in – and then winning – the popular Food Network show “Chopped”, Sarah Wade suddenly became a much more Google-able name nationwide. And as quickly as Sarah’s profile rose, so did her need for a new professional website. As a chef with an exceptional creative flair, the visuals were of particular importance to her. 

Not only was I fortunate enough to shoot these images for Sarah but, after receiving the final photos, she agreed to participate in an interview with one of my colleagues about her experience working together. Here’s a snippet of that interview (thanks Sarah!):  

How did you hear about Mark?

“I had actually seen Mark in action before when he came to take some shots at Lulu’s, the restaurant I manage in Allston. I appreciated his attention to detail, both during the shoot and then after when we saw the final images. So when I needed some shots for my own website, I contacted him.”

How was your overall experience working with him? 

“It was great. Mark was professional, easy going, and timely. We had a good time shooting together. He kept it structured but totally rolled with my spontaneity. 

On top of that, he found a really cool space to do the shoot in Acton, MA called Orange Door Kitchen. It had a lot of different rooms we could use, like an office area and a kitchen, so we got a variety of shots without ever having to leave the building. It made things easy.”

You mentioned his attention to detail. Can you elaborate on that?

Sure! He sees everything through the camera lens, things that others probably wouldn’t notice until seeing the final photos. He’d say things like, ‘let’s move this pot to the right’. Or one time he stopped the shoot to move an ugly red fire suppression container which I didn’t even see there. 

I also remember in another shot, when we were in the kitchen area, he took a couple of photos and then said ‘oh it’s dark over here in this spot’. Then he moved a bunch of lights around to highlight some pretty shelves with coffee cups on them that I hadn’t even noticed were there. 

What were your goals for this photo shoot?

“After winning Chopped, I started getting more publicity so I decided it was time to update my website. My number one goal was to get some shots that would make my website look more professional.”

How did you guys work to achieve those goals? 

He really stuck with every shot until we got it right. I also liked how he let me look at the pictures as we went along. He let me try lots of different poses but kept it structured. Once we got the shot right, we’d quickly move on to the next. 

Were your goals met?

“One-hundred percent! And I would definitely choose Mark again. His work is beautiful and consistent. He really worked hard to achieve my goals.”

Thanks again to Sarah for taking the time to do this interview. One of my favorite parts of this job is getting to work with all sorts of interesting people. It keeps things new, exciting, and fun! 

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